What Is an Independent
Living Facility?

Independent Living Facility in Waterford, MI

These unique residential neighborhoods are often the perfect option for mature individuals seeking a safe, secure, and supportive environment where residents maintain their independence. However, before making a decision, it’s important to verify that the location you are considering delivers all they promise. 

We'll take a closer look at what you need to know about independent living communities for seniors and all the things to look for when choosing an independent living facility. 

Smarter Senior Living

An independent living community is a residential neighborhood designed for older adults who enjoy living independently, without the hassles and mundane responsibilities of household maintenance and routine chores. 

Amenities typically include meals, housekeeping, transportation services, recreation programs, health care coordination, and more. Moreover, these communities provide the social networks necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In other words, independent living communities offer smarter senior living for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest while eliminating the hassles and stress associated with household chores and tedious tasks. 

What to Look for in Independent Living Facilities

Various services and amenities are provided in these senior-focused communities. When selecting one of these locations, it's essential to consider the following factors:

  • Level of Support: What staff and services are available? Some facilities offer 24-hour assistance, while others may be more limited. What type of staff is available to assist residents with their needs? 
  • Housing and Accommodations: What kind of housing is available? What amenities are included in the rent? What is the layout of the living space? For instance, is the space easily navigable for someone in a wheelchair?
  • Services: What services are available? These services may include meal preparation, laundry, transportation, and other personal care needs. What recreational activities are offered?
  • Location: What kind of location best suits your needs? Consider access to public transportation, proximity to recreational activities and healthcare.
  • Safety: What safety measures are available? Ensure the facility has appropriate security, fire suppression, and emergency assistance.
  • Cost: What is the overall cost of living at the facility? Be sure to factor in housing costs, meals, utilities, and any additional fees.

Considering these factors, you can determine if your chosen independent living community meets your needs and is safe and supportive.

Canterbury-on-the-Lake in Waterford, Michigan

At Canterbury-on-the-Lake, in Waterford, Michigan, we strive to provide our residents with the best senior housing experience possible. We understand that everyone has unique needs, and our staff is dedicated to helping each individual achieve their personal goals. 

Our senior living community provides a wide range of services and amenities to suit your needs and likely exceed your expectations. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable living experience that offers every opportunity for you to expand your interests, socialize with others, and get the most out of your retirement. To learn more, we invite you to visit us today and experience everything Canterbury-on-the-Lake has to offer.