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Careers at Canterbury-on-the-Lake, Waterford, MI

Interested in joining the team at one of the very best senior living communities in the area? Then take a look at what we have to offer at Canterbury, the premier retirement community in Waterford, MI. Just click on the button below to review our current offerings. Then pick the one that interests you. Once you reach the page with additional information about the position, you can apply online.

There’s no better place to make a very real difference in people’s lives than Canterbury-on-the-Lake!

We are an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.

Careers Application

Open Positions

COVID-19 Tester
  • This is a temporary position, do not have to be a nurse
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, Monday-Wednesday, 12:30 pm – 7 pm
  • Pay: Experience based
  • Responsibilities: Administering Covid tests to staff in the Pavilion.  Completing paperwork and tracking tests and corresponding paperwork.  Candidate does not need to be a nurse, but nurses are welcome to apply. People in other departments looking to pick up additional hours are welcome as well.
  • Apply To: Ronda Pype or Tina Brindley
Telehealth RN or LPN
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, hours vary based on appointments/physician availability – Monday-Friday.  10 am – 2 pm.  20-30 hours/week.
  • Pay: Based on experience
  • Responsibilities:Coordinating telehealth visits  for residents in the health center.  Completing documentation, providing necessary information, communication of follow up and results from visit.
  • Apply To:Ronda Pype or Tina Brindley
Information Technology Specialist
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, Monday-Friday, 4-6 hours/day
  • Pay: Based on experience
  • Responsibilities: On site IT responsibilities across the community – new hardware and software set up, backups, IT issue resolution, working with residents, working with staff and with third party IT support.  Ideal candidate will have college coursework in IT and experience in a similar role, preferably in health care.  Strong hospitality, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Apply To: Mark DeRaud, Facility Services Director
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, Full-Time and Part-Time both shifts
  • Pay: Based on years of experience
  • Responsibilities: Nursing duties in the Pavilion
  • Apply To: Leigh Warner, Staffing Coordinator
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, Full-Time and Part-Time on both shifts
  • Pay: $14.25/hr-$15.75/hr to start depending on experience and shift.
  • Responsibilities: Caring for residents in the Pavilion.
  • Apply To: Leigh Warner, Staffing Coordinator – external candidates.
Central Supply/Inventory Coordinator
  • This is a temporary position to cover for leave of absence.
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, Monday-Friday, 30-35 hours/week
  • Pay: Based on experience
  • Responsibilities: Ordering and placing supplies in the Pavilion.  Keeping supply room organized.  Tracking of supply use for billing purposes.  Maintaining inventory of supplies and equipment.  Requires physical work of moving boxes/packages/carts as well as some computer work for ordering.  Must be organized, efficient and hospitality minded.  Prior experience in a similar role is helpful.
  • Apply To: Ronda Pype or Tina Brindley
Utility Tech
  • Status/Hours: Union, non-exempt, day shift
  • Pay: $12.50/hour
  • Responsibilities:Floor care, trash removal, responding to work orders as assigned.  Some outdoor work on the grounds; helps with snow removal/salt spreading in winter months. Experience in a janitorial role in a health care environment is preferred.
  • Apply To: Mark DeRaud, Facility Services Director
Care Partners (Caregivers in The Meadows)
  • Status/Hours: Union, non-exempt, Part time (primarily day and afternoon shifts)
  • Pay: Based on experience
  • Responsibilities: Universal caregivers for residents in The Meadows. Caregivers will assist residents with dementia and Alzheimer's with all aspects of daily living: bathing, toileting, dressing, eating, medication, light housework and activities.
  • Apply To: Diane Slupka, Memory Care Manager
Resident Attendant
  • Status/Hours: Union, non-exempt, Part time days/afternoon combo 3-4 day/week
  • Pay: $12/hr to start.
  • Responsibilities: Caregiver to residents in the Leas including ADL care, medications, showers. Experience in a similar role is preferred.
  • Apply To: Tiffany Gregart, Southminster/Leas/Wellness Manager
  • Position: Housekeeper
  • Status/Hours: Union, non-exempt, part time varied days/shifts
  • Pay: $11.75/hr
  • Responsibilities: Cleaning and laundry duties in the community.
  • Apply To: Mark DeRaud, Director of Facility Services
Door Screener
  • Position: Door Screener
  • Status/Hours: Non-union, non-exempt, varied hours, long term temporary position. Start out filling in for day and afternoon shift openings and then can move into a set schedule as it becomes available.
  • Pay: Experience based
  • Responsibilities: Screens visitors to the community either at the Loading Dock employee entrance or at the Pavilion entrance. Asks questions and enters data to an already established spreadsheet. Sends people home who do not meet criteria to enter the building. Must have a warm personality and be welcoming.
  • Apply To: Kristie Arens, Human Resources