Best Places to Live for Senior Introverts

Moving into a senior living community can sound like a nightmare for an introvert. These independent seniors value their alone time and truly enjoy their own company. They can certainly do without a bunch of “nosey neighbors” who can’t mind their own business!

The truth is, introverted seniors do quite well in independent living communities. While there is an abundance of activities available, participation is not required. If this sounds like you or someone you love, read on to learn more.

Privacy Is a Priority

Independent living means safety and security, but it also provides privacy. An array of services and amenities are available for those who want them. Likewise, residents are free to stay in their homes and read, watch TV, play chess, or whatever else they enjoy doing. Meals can be delivered right to your door, and staff are available to help with anything else that may be needed.

Amenities for Introverts

Not all senior introverts are homebound. Many simply prefer to avoid crowds or loud environments. These folks may enjoy spending time at the library, a book club or with other small groups. Gardening or volunteering may even appeal to those who prefer alone time.

It’s important for all seniors to recharge their batteries and not feel overwhelmed. Independent living communities respect that, and encourage plenty of “me time”. It’s not recommended to completely shut out all people, but recognizing and respecting comfort zones is important.

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