It’s a Proud Time to Live at Canterbury-on-the-Lake! 

Our management company, Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, was ranked highest in Customer Satisfaction among Senior Living Communities in the J.D. Power study. This award demonstrates that residents and their families are receiving the care and service they absolutely deserve.

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The award for Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Senior Living Communities encompasses seven individual resident-experience factors. We’re excited to say that, not only did Life Care Services win the overall category, but it also ranked highest within each of the seven factors:

  • Resident Services and Activities
  • Community Staff
  • Food and Beverage
  • New Resident Orientation
  • Resident Cost
  • Community and Grounds
  • Resident Apartment Unit

“Our company is committed to providing the resources for communities to deliver an exceptional resident experience driven by innovation, signature programs and quality services. The J.D. Power award represents the voice of the senior living customer, and I can’t think of a more important voice than that of the residents we serve,” says Joel Nelson, LCS president and CEO.

At Canterbury-on-the-Lake, we strive to bring the Life Care Services resident-first mentality into our everyday actions. In its unbiased comprehensive study, J.D. Power surveyed 3,021 residents, family members and friends of residents living in communities across the United States. Life Care services scored a full 49 index points above the next highest-performing senior living organization. We are grateful and humbled to receive this honor, especially since it comes from the people we work so hard to serve each day.


What Does This Mean for our Residents?

We are deeply grateful to know that our hard work is valued, and we at Canterbury-on-the-Lake want to assure residents, family, friends, and staff that we will continue to improve, evolve and innovate to provide the newest offerings to meet the needs of current and future residents.

If you’d like to know more about the way we enrich the lives of our residents, send us a message on our contact us page. You can read more about Life Care Services or the award from J.D. Power when you visit the LCS website.

*Life Care Services received the highest score in the J.D. Power 2019 Senior Living Satisfaction Study of resident/family member/friend’s satisfaction with senior living communities. Visit