3 Common Senior Living Myths & Misconceptions

In today’s society, there are some very antiquated ideas about senior living. You may have grown up watching family members or other loved ones go to facilities that were not appealing. These places were not cozy or welcoming, and they could downright terrify a visiting child.

Today’s communities are the exact opposite of that, and in this blog, we will deconstruct some of the myths and misconceptions about senior living.


Myth #1

Senior living communities are run-down and depressing.

Once upon a time, that may have been the case, but most modern senior communities are stretched out on beautifully landscaped grounds with homey, customizable apartments and villas. In many cases, these communities are known for having luxury accommodations.


Myth #2

The food is bland and barely edible.

Au contraire!

Senior living neighborhoods, especially life plan communities, have delectable dining options with a wide variety of food fare available. From beer and bar food to chef-prepared meals, pubs and restaurants pepper senior communities to provide options for everyone. Residents can enjoy their meals out and about or have them delivered for a quiet dinner at home.


Myth #3

Residents just sit around bored with nothing to do.

Outdated notions of a retirement home often brought to mind images of loved ones sitting alone, feeling forgotten. Modern independent living communities, however, are places for people to make the most of life. These vibrant, luxury neighborhoods are bustling with activities, events, outings, and people who want to enjoy life to the fullest.

All it takes is one tour around a campus to see how vivacious and active the residents truly are. To learn more about independent living options or to schedule a visit, contact Canterbury On The Lake online or call 248.791.9737.