Winter Activities for Seniors

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to be bored and stuck inside. Whether you’re active and can get out and about or if you have limited mobility when the weather gets bad, you can find activities to keep entertained until spring arrives. Try one of these fun winter activities and you might not even care if spring isn’t on the calendar for a while.


Enjoy Crafting

Many seniors have some type of crafting as a hobby, but it’s never too late to learn even if you haven’t tried it before. You may want to try your hand at crochet or knitting. Quilting can provide hours of fun or you could get into scrapbooking to preserve some of your photos.

Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly skilled at crafts, you can learn simple woodworking projects or make no-sew quilts that can be donated to a children’s hospital or other organization. Many of these items are designed for people with no craft experience.


Start a Blog

More seniors today are skilled with technology and can easily navigate their way around the internet. To make winter pass faster, you can begin creating a blog and write posts on a daily or weekly basis. Your first thought may be that you don’t know anything to blog about. However, you can find something from your hobbies, work experience or interests to use as a subject for your blog.

You may find you end up with a lot of readers who want to know more about your chosen subject. It can range from cooking to crafts, from raising children to living through the depression. Don’t overlook any aspect of your background. Things you might consider boring could be fascinating to others.


Tour Your Town

When the roads are clear and the weather isn’t too bad, you can get out and visit some of the tourist spots in your city. On those days when the weather isn’t nice enough to go somewhere, you can do some research about spots to check out.

Find out about local coffee shops or historical monuments. Make a list of art galleries or museums where you’ve never been. If you live in a small town, you may want to check out places in a nearby city. You’d be surprised at how many places are in your area that you’ve never visited. You don’t have to go on a vacation to act like a tourist.



The last thing you should do during the winter is sit around. You need to stay active to keep joints and muscles loose and flexible. You can find exercise groups and programs to join even if you live in a retirement community or assisted living center. Some places provide classes just for seniors, which means the exercises are geared towards that age group.

A workout will make you feel good and help you continue to be active in other things. You can select from various types of exercise such as yoga, Zumba or water aerobics. Find something that will be fun and allow you to stay active.

Don’t let winter weather get you down. Find activities that will provide fun and entertainment for you until warm weather lets you resume your outdoor routine.