Summer Activities for Seniors and the Family

With the warm weather and long days, it’s a great time to enjoy special activities with your loved ones. Seniors can spend time with their grand kids now that they are out of school and have more free time. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you’re looking for fun for all ages.



You can find many charities and nonprofit organizations to help-out with summer fundraising. From 5k events to car washes to bake sales, there are numerous ways to assist these worthy causes with their efforts to raise money. It’s a good way to introduce the young grand kids to helping others and for the seniors to feel useful. Google charitable organizations to find groups in your area.


Tour Your City

Many cities have local tourist attractions you can visit for free or a low cost. Seniors may not be able to travel long distances, but they can explore their own city and find numerous hidden treasures. Kids and even adults miss out on these opportunities because they are busy with work and school. Take an afternoon and check out the local zoo or a public garden. A museum is another option, especially on those hot days when you want to be inside.


Listen to a Local Concert

People of all ages love music and concerts, but it’s not always easy to attend a big show. The place may not be handicap accessible or too expensive. However, you can find local artists who perform at small venues. Many places feature music in the park or local bands. It’s a wonderful way to introduce the grand kids to music you enjoyed in your younger years.


Go on a Treasure Hunt

Get some exercise without realizing it by going on a treasure hunt. You can either use a metal detector and see what you turn up or you can try your hand at geocaching. Go online to find local geocache sites and pick out a few items you would leave at those locations. This is a fun activity for grandparents and their grandchildren as they learn about mapping and discover the fun of finding a treasure.


Train for a 5K

If you’re active, you might want to think about training for a 5K with your family. You can find a good cause that’s having a race and work to get ready to compete. Many of these races allow walking as well as running. It’s a great way to get some exercise and work for a worthy cause.


Taste the Local Flavors

Most states have food festivals during the summer. They often feature local restaurants and special cuisine. It’s a great way to try a new place or indulge your taste buds with something you haven’t tried before.

Summer is a time filled with fun activities and special events. Everyone can get out and have a good time no matter how old they are. However, fun with the whole family makes each activity another memory to share, so plan something special this summer.