Short Term Rehab

How Short-term Rehab Can Help You Recover

If you’ve been sick or injured, you may not be ready to go back home even when you’re released from the hospital. You may not be able to handle all your daily routine or do everything you could before your injury. Short-term rehab gives you the opportunity to continue to get stronger and healthier while getting the care you still need.

Improve Quality of Recovery and Reduce Timeline

When you choose to go to a short-term rehab facility, you will have access to physical therapy every day. The treatments will be designed for your injury which may be better than trying to do your own fitness. A therapist will make sure you stay active while monitoring you for overuse or other problems.

Because you can get more therapy, you may be able to reduce the timeline of recovery. You can get well faster and get back to your normal routine sooner. For retirees, they are at a greater risk of reduced capacity after an injury, but rehab can help you regain more of your former abilities.

Reduce Risk for Secondary Injury

When you go home after an injury, you may be alone or have limited help. You’ll be more likely to take on tasks or try to do more than what your body is ready for. With short-term rehab, you only do the activities deemed to be safe and work your way up to full activity when your body is ready.

For instance, hobbling around on crutches or using a walker after a hip or leg injury can leave you more susceptible to a fall. At a rehab facility, you can call for assistance when you move around, which will lessen the risk for further injury.

Prevent Future Injuries

As you go through rehab, you not only work on your injured body part, you learn how to strengthen the area surrounding it. You’ll learn exercises you can continue to do at home even after you’ve completely recovered.

As you work to get healthier and stronger, you lessen the chances that you’ll have the same or similar injury in the future. You may become more aware of risks and weaknesses you didn’t know existed. A therapist can teach you how to take care of yourself and deal with health issues specific to aging.

You Aren’t Alone

It can be rather scary to be at home alone when you’re not 100 percent well. You may worry about what happens if you fall or can’t take care of yourself. With short-term rehab, you have peace of mind to know someone’s always nearby if you need assistance. This allows you to focus on recovery instead of worrying about getting hurt again.

If you or your loved one has suffered a bone break, sprain or other injury or is recovering from a sickness or surgery, short-term rehab may be the right option after release from the hospital. Consider how it can help you reach your goals and once again become independent.