Choosing the Best Rehab and Long-Term Care Facility

If your loved one has recently been ill, injured or had surgery, they may be unable to take care of themselves and live independently. This situation could be temporary or long-term. Either way, you’ll need to find a community where your family member will be cared for and treated with respect. You should know what to expect when searching for a place for either situation.


What You Need with Rehab

Many times, a person is unable to return home after an injury or surgery because they need to regain their strength or mobility. In these situations, a doctor may recommend rehab in an assisted living community. Since the focus is on returning home, the facility should create a plan to help your loved one reach this goal is as little of a time frame as possible.

At the same time, a community which provides rehab for your family member should make them feel at home until they are ready to be independent again. They can be involved in activities in the center and should be treated with respect during their stay.

Part of the process will be an assessment of the rehab needs for the patient. This may include physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. The goal will either be to help the person return to their previous level of ability or to help them learn how to live with any limitations and still be independent.

The rehab program will help the person feel comfortable during their stay even though it’s intended to be temporary. Family members should feel welcome to visit and the patient should be able to remain in contact with friends until they can resume their active lifestyle.


Long-term Care

Your focus in searching for a long-term care community will be different than with a short-term rehab. While the goal with rehab is temporary, long-term care is often the place your loved one will call home for the rest of their lives.

If your loved one needs to move into long-term care, you’ll want to search for a place that puts their needs first. The place should feel like home even though it is a professional facility. Staff should not only care for the physical needs of residents but the emotional, mental, and social aspects of the person. They should be engaged and connected.

Look for activities and special events that allow the residents to mingle with each other or invite family and friends in. A resident won’t be interested in every single activity, but the calendar should be diverse enough to offer something for everyone.

You’ll want to consider the emergency system and the team in place to care for your loved one. However, it will often be the details that will make the difference of one facility over another one. For instance, a community which provides healthy meals made from local ingredients will often provide flavorful foods even for those with dietary limitations.

Transportation to doctor appointments and other activities and an on-site beauty salon are just two more examples of amenities which make a difference in the senior’s life. You want this place which will be home for your family member to be comfortable and inviting for them and for everyone who visits them.

Take your time in researching centers either for rehab or for long-term care for your senior loved one. Make sure the place you select will meet all their needs and enhance the quality of their life.